Can I search this site?

Yes, once you are logged on (which is FREE). The search function is limited to the dynamic content on the site, meaning that many static pages (mainly archives) cannot be accessed by the site search engine yet.

To search the static pages, follow these directions:

Thanks to Google, I can now search with confidence and generally find what I’m looking for right away. You need to type in a special search command after you type in your keyword(s) or key phrase.
Let’s say I want to find an article on The Citizen about the proposed Kroger for north Peachtree City. I would type in the following:
“Peachtree City”+Kroger
It’s important to note that there’s one space between your keywords/keyphrase and the word site -- that is, between Kroger and site. And once you type in site you put a colon with no space between site and You also leave off the www.
This Google trick also works for other sites but I find it especially helpful with dredging for articles from news sites. Always remember, the more specific (but brief) you are with your keywords and keyphrases, the more likely you’ll find what you want in the first place.