What kind of stories?

Whatever that’s of local interest that interests you. Some examples: youth sports games, scores and schedules; soccer league news; a neighborhood association meeting; traffic situations; where the lowest gas prices are; school events (such as math club meets, PTO meeting, fund-raising drives, bus route concerns, etc.); church news (what your pastor talked about Sunday, what the ladies’ group is planning, etc.); subdivision happenings (block party, Neighborhood Watch issues, speeders, etc.); city and county meetings that you attend; pretty much anything that you think another person might be interested in reading about. Don’t take this list of examples as a limit: Post whatever you like, and it probably will go on our site (provided it’s free of profanities, obscenities, libel, attacks on private persons — and your fifth-grader’s teacher is for our purposes a private person — and keeps name-calling to a minimum.) Try to stick to the facts of the situation you are reporting on. Save your opinions for your blog, forum and comments postings on this site. Plagiarism warning: DON'T COPY somebody else's writing and post it as your own. Also, don't include any material not your own in your postings without telling where it came from and who wrote it. This includes passing along forwarded e-mails and other Internet material whose original source you don't know. Stick to stuff you personally know or witness.