dawn: La Hacienda

We have dined at the PTC and Fayetteville location several times using their coupon for $7.00 off a purchase of $20.00. They play the same game with every visit. Most restaurants take the $7.00 off the total bill, but they reduce the price of one of the entrees. If you have a burrito at $8.00, they show the new price at $2.50. You say that doesn't add up and you're right. Nearly every time they take $5.50 and not $7.00 off the bill. When you confront them then they play with other things on the bill. This is one that makes us furious - we order the fresh guacamole dip and then when we question the amount that they took off for the coupon they raise the price of the dip several dollars saying that they are charging us for the extra avocado. There are not two sizes for the guacamole dip on the menu but they play this game at both locations. We have stopped eating there because it's obvious that they enjoy ripping off good customers.

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