Friday, December 17, 1999
Shoplifting suspects nabbed at Kroger

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A late-night trip to a local grocery store led to the arrest of four people on a variety of charges that originated with a carton of cigarettes.

According to reports, police were called to the Kroger in Kedron Village at about 11 p.m. last Wednesday by the acting manager, who had apprehended a man attempting to take cigarettes without paying for them. The manager told police that he had grabbed the man as he tried to get into a waiting car outside the store, and a woman with him got into the car as it sped away.

Officers found a syringe with a clear fluid in the suspect's coat pocket, which the man said he used for heroin and cocaine, the report stated. With no identification on his person, he gave police two separate names at different times that both proved to be fictitious, police said.

After being alerted by Peachtree City police, Tyrone officers found the getaway car at the Wendell Coffee golf facility and took the other participants into custody. Shana McLester, George Kirtis and Aric Goodar were charged with being party to a crime and taken to Fayette County Jail.

The first suspect, who gave his name as Mark Johnson and then as Mark Jones, was booked as John Doe due to lack of ID and charged with theft by shoplifting. Fingerprints later identified him as Derrick Andrew Davis, 34, who was wanted in Walton County for a probation violation on a heroin possession charge and also in Clayton County on a shoplifting charge.

Davis was charged in Peachtree City with obstruction of a police officer and giving a false name and date of birth, in addition to shoplifting.

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