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Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Opening Today

Pokemon's First Movie — I have no idea what all the fuss is about and chances are neither do your kids. So what? It'll keep them quiet for close to 90 minutes and last time I checked that was worth a couple of bucks. Rated G.

Opening Friday

Dogma — A movie about God, the apostles and soul searching through the stilted eye of Kevin Smith. This is an R-rated film and Smith can be quite bawdy at times. He considers himself a good Catholic though and views this film as quite reverent. I'll be there. Rated R.

Now Playing

Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland — Elmo searches for his blanket in the world beneath Oscar's trash can. It is a place I have always wanted to go myself. I think you all know my feelings on the Muppets. Rated G.

Bats — Bats from Hell terrorize a town. It reminds me of the time that I was in a town that was attacked by Birds. Wow, I really hate The Birds. Rated R.

The Bachelor — Chris O'Donnell plays a man who must get married to get his massive inheritance. I'll bet somebody learns the true meaning of love along the way. Rated PG-13.

Being John Malkovich — Spike Jonze directs this film that seems to have everybody talking. John Cusack finds a door that leads into the mind of John Malkovich (the spooky actor). Soon, everybody is taking a ride inside the actor, but at what cost? This film is only playing at Tara in Atlanta. Rated R.

The Best Man — A comedy about an author who gets into trouble writing about semi-fictional accounts with his friend's girlfriend starring Taye Diggs (Go) Rated R.

Blue Streak — Martin Lawrence plays a jewel thief who passes as a detective. If Eddie Murphy can do police comedy, Martin can do police comedy. I hear this is pretty good. Rated PG-13.

The Bone Collector — This was a great book, so be careful of the film. Denzel Washington plays a paralyzed man who was formerly a detective. He helps a rookie cop track down a serial killer. Rated R.

Bringing out the Dead — Nicolas Cage stars as an EMT in Hell's Kitchen in 1993. He suffers a sort of breakdown and must come to terms with the ghosts of his job. Rated R.

Crazy in Alabama — A lot of fun and very true to the book. Aunt Lucille (Melanie Griffith) heads for Hollywood, while PeeJoe (Lucas Black) finds himself in the middle of the Civil Rights movement. Rated PG-13.

Double Jeopardy — Have you seen the preview for the number one movie in America? If you have, you pretty much know where this one is headed. Ashley Judd plays the wrongly accused wife and Tommy Lee Jones is the pursuant who really wants to help her. Rated R.

Fight Club — Brad Pitt and Edward Norton star in this intense action-drama about members of a ...well, Fight Club, that progresses into scary terrorist acts. This movie is very good with an exceptional, Sixth Sense type plot twist. Careful though, it is brutal and bloody. Rated R.

For Love of the Game — If there's one thing that Kevin Costner does well, it's a baseball movie. This one is directed by Sam Raimi, a former wildman director known for the Evil Dead trilogy. He has toned down of late and become a seriously ambitious, yet still daring director. Rated PG-13.

House on Haunted Hill — This was actually very well done . It has a solid cast, good scares and innumerable plot twists. It is gory and not meant for children.Rated R.

The Insider — Russell Crowe and Al Pacino star in this film about a man with inside information on cigarette manufacturers. This is based on a true story. Rated R.

Random Hearts — Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas star in this suspense drama about two people who find a connection between their spouses, while surrounded by political intrigue. You would think this was a good movie. Rated R.

The Sixth Sense — This is an incredible movie with one of the best endings in recent history. It is well acted, masterfully directed and ultra creepy without being ultra-blatant. Rated PG-13.

Superstar — I am not a big fan of the “take an SNL sketch and make it a 90 minute film” idea, but Molly Shannon is funny and Wayne's World was surprisingly good. Flip a coin. Rated PG-13

Three Kings — Getting lots of good buzz, this movie has a solid cast, an intriguing young director, and a political message. There is violence, but it is a war movie and it does not detract from the performances or the script. Rated R.

The Story of Us — Want to watch all the ups and downs of a fictional marriage? At least this one stars Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer and not your neighbors. Rated PG-13.

The Straight Story — You may have heard about the man who drove 300 miles on his riding lawnmower to visit his sick brother. This is the movie based on that story and it is directed by David Lynch (Twin Peaks). This is only in Atlanta,too. Seems Fayette County Theaters only get the big movies that take up two or three screens. Rated G. (And that's not a typo).

Also Playing

Big Daddy — Adam Sandler comedy about a slacker who adopts a little boy to win his girlfriend back. Sweet, cute, and funny. I'd really like some old school Sandler comedy though. Billy Madison 2 anyone? Rated PG-13.

Bowfinger — Great comedy about a failing director trying to make his Hollywood dreams come true. This was written by Steve Martin and is rib-hurtingly funny. Rated PG-13.

Deep Blue Sea — Scientists experiment with sharks and deal with the consequences on the next Ricki Lake. Rated R.

The Haunting — This movie is still out. Ahhhhhh!!!Nooooo!!!!! Rated PG-13.

Inspector Gadget — It looked better than it really was, but it is fun for the whole family. Technically, you shouldn't ever see Claw's face, but...whatever. Rated PG. The Iron Giant — An animated film that pays tribute to the classic Warner Brothers animation. Your kids should enjoy it and so should you. Rated PG.

Jakob the Liar — A man lies to his family and town to protect them from the horrors of the Holocaust. Now, why does this sound familiar? Rated PG-13.

Star Wars Episode 1 — This was a great movie and you just can't beat watching it for a dollar. Enjoy yourselves and May the Force be with you. Rated PG.

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