Wednesday, November 10, 1999
`Most likely, I will run again'

I wish to thank all Peachtree City citizens who assisted me and voted for me in my candidacy for City Council Post 2. A special thanks to my wife, Myrna, for putting up with the campaign since July, and my son David, campaign chairman.

If any other candidate is able to have their son help in a campaign, he/she will be greatly rewarded. It is a special bonding that hasn't happened to us since he was in high school.

I must thank Jim Steinbach for his great assistance. That was the extent of my team, except for Jeanne Little, who did the calling of prospective voters. A few others that are not mentioned will get a personal thank you note from me.

My experience of running for elected office has reinforced my belief that we have a very special legacy in America that can only be sustained when we are involved in the political process. This occurs when we participate in citizen working groups, run for public office, but, most importantly, when we vote!

I started the campaign not knowing either of the other candidates (Dan Tennant and Bruce Perlman) and I left the campaign with two more friends. I wanted to make sure that happened. I know Dan will do what is right for the citizens of Peachtree City and, with God's help, I am sure he will.

Now what are my intentions: At first I thought I would probably not do it again. However, after the tiredness went away, I decided most likely I will run again in two years.

I do hope more service clubs will get involved in the process and not just leave it up to the Kiwanis and Rotary forums.

Also, when I was waving on Ga. highways 54 and 74, thanks to all of you that gave me a wave or thumbs up.

I will continue to be involved in city issues for the betterment of us all. See you in two years.

Chuck Lehman
Peachtree City

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