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Wednesday, November 10, 1999
Fayetteville City Council eyes truck parking law

Staff Writer

Fayetteville City Council is expected to decide the fate of local truck drivers who park their rigs at home during what promises to be a short meeting Monday.

Council members will discuss agenda items during a work session tonight at 7 p.m., and take action Monday at 7 p.m.

A proposed new ordinance would prohibit parking of trucks, tractors and semi trailers in residential zones, with a grandfather clause that exempts those currently doing so. Exempted truckers would have to get a permit, for a small fee.

Council last month sent the ordinance back to the city Planning Commission for a recommendation on extra restrictions for the “grandfathered” drivers, but commission members decided they don't think any such restrictions are needed.

A public hearing will be conducted before council acts on the ordinance.

Council also will consider a sign variance request from Hobby Lobby, the Oklahoma-based crafts and home decor store that hopes to occupy more than half of the now-vacant Wal-Mart building on Ga. Highway 85.

City officials say they are excited about the prospect of having a new tenant in the building, but council members two weeks ago balked at the idea of granting the business extra sign space, saying other businesses that have been held strictly to the city's ordinances wouldn't understand.

Dick Brady of MOR Sign Graphics, sign painters for the project, said he would go back to the drawing board and try to bring the council something closer to what they law allows.

The only other action item on the agenda is certification of the Nov. 3 municipal election results.

The work session and business meeting are open to the public.

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