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Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Opening Friday

Video Pick of the Week

” The Player — Robert Altman's brilliant film about a paranoid studio executive and murder. There are more cameos than you can shake a stick at and the acting is terrific. rated R.

Now Playing

” American Beauty — Being heralded as a classic equal to “The Graduate” or “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”, this film is the first to generate serious Oscar buzz. Kewvin Spacey and Annette Bening star. Rated R.

” A Dog of Flanders — All I know is Cheryl Ladd is in it. Rated PG.

” Blue Streak — Martin Lawrence plays a jewel thief who passes as a detective. If Eddie Murphy can do police comedy, Martin can do police comedy.

” Bowfinger — A soon to be classic. Steve Martin plays a terrible director (think Ed Wood) who makes his crew's Hollywood dreams come true. The laughs keep coming and Eddie Murphy is brilliant in a dual role. Rated PG-13.

” Chill Factor — Cuba Gooding Jr. and Skeet Ulrich play two men on the run from terrorists. At leaast it will b better than Cuba in those Pepsi One commercials. Rated R.

” Dudley DoRight — Brendan Fraser looks to continue making movies out of all the old cartoons. Next up: My Little Pony: Live Action. Rated PG.

” Deep Blue Sea — Think Jurassic Shark. A cure for Alzheimer's lies with sharks, but these sharks have had their intelligence enhanced and a smart shark is a dangerous one. Rated PG-13.

” For Love of the Game — If there's one thing that Kevin Costner does well, it's a baseball movie. This one is directed by Sam Raimi, a former wildman director known for the Evil Dead trilogy. He has toned down of late and become a seriously ambitious, yet still daring director. Rated PG-13.

” Mickey Blue Eyes — Hugh Grant plays the charming Brit who is marrying into the mob. He'll smile lots and make the women swoon. Rated PG-13.

all that. Rated PG-13.

” The Sixth Sense — This is an incredible movie with one of the best endings in recent history. It is well acted, masterfully directed and ultra creepy without being ultra-blatant. Rated PG-13.

” Stigmata — With the fall season, comes horror movies. This film stars Patricia Arquette as a woman posessed. Rated R.

” Stir of Echoes — Kevin Bacon gets hypnotized and becomes a conduit to the spirit world. Not bad at all. Rated R.

” Teaching Mrs. Tingle — A revenge comedy written and directed by Kevin Williamson, the man who brings you Dawson's Creek week after week. This film is allegedly less like Scream and more like Heathers. Too bad. Rated PG-13.

” The Astronaut's Wife — not prescreened for critics. That usually means it's terrible. Rated R.

” The Muse — Albert Brooks gets gets inspiration from a new muse played by Sharon Stone. Jeff Bridges and Andie McDowell also star. rated PG-13.

” The Thirteenth Warrior — Antonio Banderas plays an unwilling participant in the Crusades. Rated PG-13.

” The Thomas Crown Affair — Brosnan takes a break from being Bond by being a burglar (a really good burglar). This is a remake and it is getting good reviews. Rated R.

Also Playing

” Austin Powers 2 — I found this to be funnier than the original. Mike Myers is at home playing wacky characters and the Austin Powers series is like the 90's version of The Pink Panther. Rated PG-13.

” Big Daddy — Adam Sandler comedy about a slacker who adopts a little boy to win his girlfriend back. Sweet, cute, and funny. Rated PG-13.

” Drop Dead Gorgeous — Beauty queens in Minnesota fight for the pageant prize. Rated PG-13.

” Mystery Men — Here's the review from my friend Kurt — When it's funny, it's real funny, but when it's dull, it's real dull. Not all bad, but not

” Never Been Kissed — Drew Barrymore stars as a cub reporter who goes undercover in high school. David Arquette also stars. Rated PG-13.

” Notting Hill — A world famous actress runs into a small bookstore in Notting Hill (get it?) and she meets a charming young man and falls in love. Rated PG-13.

” Tarzan — Disney didn't make a lot of noise about this movie, but it makes as big a splash as the best of them. It has a good story, nice songs, and incredible visuals. Rated G.

” Wild, Wild West — Heralded as possibly the worst movie of the summer, Wild, Wild,West tries to worm a dollar out of the American public yet again. Rated PG-13.

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