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Wednesday, September 29, 1999
Liquor looking unlikely for November

Staff Writer

Liquor legalization advocate Lane Brown says he probably will know by today whether he will continue to pursue a pouring license referendum for this November's election or wait for next March.

“I'm running out of time,” Brown said this week. “Signatures [on a petition to place liquor on the ballot] are coming in but there coming in slower than I had hoped. I've got to get it to the city and get it certified and advertised.”

Brown is working to get enough signatures on a petition to force a referendum. State law requires that an election be conducted if 35 percent of those voting in the most recent election sign a petition to that effect.

He currently is working to get about 1,740 signatures on the petition, but if he fails to get the measure on the ballot in November, then the number of signatures required may change based on the number voting Nov. 2.

“If I don't get it in November, then we'll do it in March,” Brown said. The city will have a presidential preference primary in March.

An election must be called soon after the petition is presented, but Brown said he won't force a special election. He'll hold onto the petition until the referendum can coincide with a regular election to insure a higher turnout, he said.

“I don't want to rush this thing,” he added. “I want to do it right.”

Recent publicity has brought out numerous volunteers who want to help with the legalization campaign, Brown said. “I've had a slew of people calling up wanting to help,” he said.

It also has brought out opposition. An organization calling itself Fayetteville Citizens who Love Fayetteville Without Alcohol is organizing to campaign against legalization of liquor by the drink, whenever it is may be presented to voters.

To sign the petition or help with the legalization campaign, phone 770-460-6806.

To join the campaign against legalization, phone Sharon Shank at 678-776-8019

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