Friday, July 30, 1999
Line Creek apartments delayed

Staff Writer

It's going to be a while longer before the Peachtree City Planning Commission sees a plan for apartments on Line Creek Parkway.

Amid a number of environmental concerns, the conceptual site plan for the project was tabled at Monday night's regular meeting at the recommendation of city staff.

“It was determined that the proposed configuration of several buildings and parking areas would have a negative impact on watershed protection,” according to a staff memo. “The site plan would require the filling of one existing wetland (approximately 0.528 acres) and encroachments into several undisturbed buffers adjacent to other wetland areas.”

A map of the site plan seen before the meeting showed at least two buildings in the 396-unit complex encroaching into wetland areas.

The developers hope to have a revised plan in place in time for the next meeting Aug. 9, city planner David Rast told the Planning Commission.

Since a number of local residents were in attendance because of this issue, commission chairman Julian Campbell gave them an opportunity to speak. There was no one present representing the developers.

Orville Barber said that the appropriate wetland-related permits for the project, some of which must come from state and federal agencies, were not obtained when they should have been, and the developers are scrambling to do the right thing now that they have been caught.

Barber said that he and other concerned citizens are keeping an eye on the situation and looking for the appropriate agencies, such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to help keep them in line on environmental issues.

Campbell said that his board anxiously awaits word from the Corps of Engineers on its findings.

The city is monitoring the development closely and checking all relevant environmental matters, according to Rast.

Bob Brown asked if enough consideration had been given to the traffic situation that he said will worsen considerably when Line Creek Parkway is opened.

According to the current plan, the parkway will extend from Ga. Highway 54 to the city limits — essentially a dead-end road. Any potential linkage with Ga. Highway 74 would require annexation and is years down the road.

Brown pointed out that the apartments will bring hundreds more cars which will all dump onto Hwy. 54 because there would be only one way in or out.

In other business, the Planning Commission approved a rezoning from limited commercial to limited use commercial for the Robinson Neighborhood Center at the southwest corner of Peachtree Parkway and Robinson Road.

Developer Donald Cobb is planning to develop a professional office building of about 7,200 square feet with an upstairs apartment of about 1,500 square feet for his own personal residence. The residential component of the plan is what required the rezoning.

Cobb said that nothing from the general street scape will indicate that there is a residence on the property, and he will be the live-in landlord at the site, which sits at the edge of the Braelinn golf course.

City staff recommended that conditions stipulate only the owner of the property be the resident, whether it be Cobb or someone else. If not, the property would revert to the original zoning, in which case an office could be placed in the residential space.

Also during Monday's meeting, a conceptual site plan was approved for the Nelson office building at Petrol Point and Tivoli Garden.

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