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Friday, July 30, 1999
Columnist to take stage in PTC

Weekend Editor

Chances are you've read his featured weekly column in The Citizen every Wednesday. Perhaps you've even seen an editorial of his in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from time to time.

Now, you can go and see him live. Billy Murphy will be playing the Cruse Coffee Co. in Peachtree City Friday from 8:30-11 p.m.

His brand of music is folk style, acoustic music, blended in with his special brand of humor. Murphy describes himself as a lazy musician, but promises that he relies much heavier on his humor than his musical talent.

Not that he can't play the guitar — he can. He has been playing the instrument and performing in front of audiences for 12 years, although he toured with two different partners for the first 10 years and has been on his own for the last two.

His act is that of a musical advice columnist and whether the song is serious or funny, the material mostly comes from personal stories about relationships. Those in attendance can expect to hear his signature song, “Blind Date Blues,” as well as his version of acoustic karaoke. Acoustic Karaoke is just like it sounds. He plays a song and brings up audience members to sing it with him.

Recently, Murphy has served as the entertainment for large corporate functions and he has also played schools, churches and festivals in the past. This is his first time at a coffee house in a number of years and he hopes the audience will be ready for a raucous good time. Performing at a coffee house, Murphy knows that at least the crowd will be awake.

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