Sunday, July 25, 1999

Methodist minister are on the move

This past June, three United Methodist preachers took part in a centuries-old tradition, moving on the same day, and they moved to Fayette County from as far away as New Mexico.

First Presbyterian Church has grown up with PTC

The First Presbyterian Church in Peachtree City holds a unique distinction of originally being all things to all people. Originally begun as a Community Chapel in 1966 in a new town only seven years old, a group of interested Presbyterians also held services and the Rev. Cobby Ware conducted both services.

It's just the Pledge of Alligiance

This was taken from a speech made by Captain John S. McCain, USN, (Retired) currently representing Arizona in the US Senate.


What is it? Something that actually exists? Something tangible? Something material? Something authentic? Something that can be verified, confirmed, corroborated, proven, documented, supported, authenticated, validated? Fact?