Sunday, June 20, 1999

News Briefs

Neglected no more

Where a tangle of vines and underbrush once obscured the past, new rows of cedar crosses now mark century-old graves believed to be those of former slaves and former slave owners.


Seeing no church, families started their own

In 1896, Washington Arnold moved into Fayette County, and not seeing a church in the area, he and others started one.

What the church is all about
It seems to me people often misunderstand the church. How many times have you heard someone say that they don't know how people who are so “bad” can claim to be Christian and go to church?
Dad, The Family Shepard

I was serving as the Division Chaplain at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska from 1990-1992. The first year Dee and I, Nikki and Robbie were there, we attended the Post Chapel on Sunday mornings for both Sunday school and the weekly worship services. It would be warm inside with the heaters turned up and the Spirit of God in our hearts, while outside, the temperatures could be from minus 20 to minus 50 degrees below zero.

Pain is vulnerable to new methods

There have been a few times in the past when I had no choice but to ask for pain medication following surgical procedures. But this time I had a choice and I chose to try to avoid the post-operative narcotics that are always mixed blessings with whatever degree of pain relief they offer.

Fathers who care make a difference, says report

Recently, the Georgia Family Council released “Fatherhood in Georgia,” a report that integrates national research with state-based statistics on the topic of fatherhood.