Sunday, June 13, 1999

News Briefs

Tyrone organization mobilizes relief efforts in war-torn Kosovo

The war in Yugoslavia may be over, but the long journey back to life as the Kosovars once knew it is just beginning.

Local people and churches help refugees

A Peachtree City family is getting an up close and personal look at the ravages of war.

Saint Andrews in-the-Pines has grown up
In the 19th century, churches were all begun either under a brush arbor or in a school. In the 20th century, they began in someone's living room.
Sometimes a glimmer of truth emerges

Sometimes someone will tell it just like it truly is and it will even get to the right people. I got this from a Christian friend, Bill O'Halloran, in Alaska. It is my hope and prayer that every honest media source will print it because it is the truth. Please read all of it.