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Wednesday, April 14, 1999
Plans set for 2nd Southside March for Jesus in F'ville

The southside's 1999 March for Jesus, on the heels of last year's successful event, will be held May 22.

"The success of last year's march consisted in the involvement of more than 30 churches and upward to 2,000 marchers," said John Hatcher, march coordinator. He predicted this year's march will be even bigger.

"Approvals have already been granted by City of Fayetteville Police Department, Fayette County Board of Commissioners, Fayette County High School, and God," he said.

Participants are invited to walk, stroll their children or roll in their wheelchairs in honor of the living savior, Jesus Christ. Many marchers last year carried signs and banners celebrating Jesus and a rejuvenated unity of the church. Eight vocal/instrumental modules will be spaced between groups of marchers, to enliven the march and lead in worship.

The march will begin, as last year, at 10 a.m. at the new Fayette County High School parking lot, proceed north to Hood Avenue then to Ga. Highway 85, and south on Hwy. 85 into the county's administrative complex. The march will conclude with a rally at the complex at 11 a.m.

Hatcher noted that since Jesus commanded, "Love One Another," the march's theme this year carries those three words plus, "Just Do It."

According to international organizers, more than 10 million people around the globe and in every time zone participated in last year's march. "It's a grand celebration to the genuine unity in Jesus Christ that exists across denominational lines but is seldom given permission to vent," Hatcher said.

For more information, call the March for Jesus information line at 770-719-3522 and ask for march information.

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