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Wednesday, April 14, 1999
Clinton lacks any moral authority to command

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Once again President Clinton is sending military forces into harm's way. For a person who dodged the draft and protested the use of military force in a time gone by, he seems to find it very easy to send our young men and women into armed conflict.

As much as it hurts to see human suffering, I am struggling to see how this conflict in Kosovo is in our national interest.

President Clinton was not willing to serve his country and put his life on the line, when he was asked to, during the Vietnam War. If Chelsea Clinton was on the front line, would he still believe her life is worth intervening in another country's civil war? I know in my heart, he would not be willing to sacrifice his own flesh and blood as he is asking of our American families.

After what I have seen this past year, I don't believe President Clinton has the moral authority to send troops into battle or even lead this country. I was a Navy fighter pilot and know what duty, honor, and country is all about. My brother is a F-15 pilot leaving for Turkey next week. I hope my family won't pay a price the President wasn't wiling to risk or pay 30 years ago.

Pat Lynch
Peachtree City

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