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Friday, March 19, 1999
PTC firefighters achieve national certification

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Eighteen Peachtree City firefighters were recognized by City Council last night for achieving national certification, according to Chief Gerald Reed.

Six received the NPQ Firefighter 1 ranking, and 12 were honored for NPQ Firefighter 2 status, Reed said. He explained that the ranks refer to National Professional Qualifications after testing by the Georgia Standard and Training Council. Firefighters pass both written and practical exams, he added.

Firefighter 1 recipients were Mary Beth Rowe, Robin Lasky, Tom Bowman, David Winkles, Jason Smith and Fred Bryant.

Named to Firefighter 2 were Mark Poole, Sandy Faulkner, Scott Waller, Robert Hebert, Peki Prince, Clint Murphy, Josh Shelton, John Dunlap, Kerry Crawford, Chris Campbell, Jeff Felmet and Rex Old.

Reed said the department is "committed to the highest level of fire and rescue training and the pursuit of national accreditation."

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