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Friday, March 19, 1999
Pathway Communities newest development

Coweta Editor

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Pathway Communities newest development, SummerGrove, is starting to draw national attention because of the community's technological innovations.

The community, which is slowly starting to take shape on Lower Fayetteville Road in Newnan, is the first community in the Atlanta market to feature technology as a standard feature to its homeowners.

Pathways is installing ultra-fast Internet access in each home, along with forming an interactive community intranet. Residents will be able to log on to the SummerGrove Web site and find a babysitter, see which clubs are meeting and see future events scheduled in the community.

The community adds to a resident's sense of belonging by adding chat rooms, hobby groups and a kids area on the intranet.

"We are helping people meet their neighbors, plan social activities and just visit on the electronic version of the old front porch," said Pathway Communities vice president Elliott Stotler.

The homes are also equipped with home management, which makes residents' power bills a little more manageable. The system, including heating, cooling and lighting, only works when residents are home. When residents are away, the home "knows" it and makes it look like somebody is at home by controlling the lighting.

The community's technological innovations are making headlines around the state. Clayton College & State University is utilizing SummerGrove as a resource for course work relating to telecommuting, distance learning and social connectivity.

"This is an opportunity, one that is altogether too rare, to study a real-life community model that had as part of its initial planning process the search for solutions to the business and social challenges of the next millennium. SummerGrove represents the future of telecommuting," said Clayton President Dr. Richard Skinner.

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