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Friday, March 19, 1999
Population growth in Coweta

Coweta Editor

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If you've been to the grocery store or any other business in Coweta County lately, you have probably seen some new faces checking out groceries or picking up their dry cleaning.

In fact, there are 4,300 new residents who have moved into the county in the last year, according to a report issued by the U.S. Census Bureau last week. The county's population jumped from 80,728 in 1997 to 85,028 last year.

During the 90s, the county has been the fourth fastest growing county in the state and the 20th fastest growing county in the U.S. In 1990, the county's population was 53,853 and has added 31,175 in the last eight years for a whopping population increase of more than 57 percent.

As the county's population has soared, county planners have grappled with keeping the infrastructure up to date with the growth. Three years ago, the county instituted a new minimum lot size of 1.6 acres for a residential lot, which doubled the size of building lots.

The new Cowetans are also drawing more retail and restaurants to the county. Drive down Ga. Highway 34 in the county and Bullsboro Drive in Newnan and the new construction underway is staggering.

Currently under construction is Office Depot, Golden Corral, Longhorn and other stores in the two Newnan Pavilion shopping centers fronting Hwy. 34.

While the eastern part of the county has been the benefit of most of the growth, the western part of the county is slowly waking up. County officials broke ground Tuesday on a new fairground complex on Pine Road that will open in 2000. In addition to the new area for staging the fair, the county is also building a 14,000 sq.ft multi-purpose building at the site for small meetings and other gatherings.

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