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Friday, March 5, 1999
Girl Scout cookies

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Were you one of the residents that did not have the opportunity to order Girls Scout cookies when the girls were out in force in January? Have you received your cookie order and they've already disappeared? Take heart!

Those great cookies are still available in our community. Local Girl Scouts will be setting up cookie booths to satisfy your cookie cravings. The following locations have allowed local troops to set up booths through Mar.15:

· Blockbuster at Thomas Crossroads.

· Chick-fil-A on Ga. Highway 34.

· Goody's at the Newnan Pavilion.

· International House of Pancakes on Bullsboro Drive in Newnan.

· K-Mart on Bullsboro Drive in Newnan.

· Kroger at Thomas Crossroads and Bullsboro Drive.

· OfficeMax in Newnan.

· Ryan's on Bullsboro Drive in Newnan.

· West Lumber Company on Farmer Industrial Boulevard in Newnan.

· Winn Dixie at Thomas Crossroads.

Good taste is just the beginning of what $2.50 buys. The cookie sale helps girls learn many important skills related to handling money, goal setting, teamwork and meeting the public.

Less than one-third of the $2.50 goes to pay for the cookies. The remainder of the purchase price stays in the local community.

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