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Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Burn Foundation gives holiday safety tips

In an effort to keep you and your loved one safe, the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation would like to remind you of the following guidelines to insure that you have a safe and joyous season.

When purchasing a Christmas tree:

· Check the needles to insure freshness, if the needles fall easily from the tree, it is dry and it should not be purchased.

· Always keep a fresh tree watered daily.

· If purchasing an artificial tree be certain that you only purchase trees which are fire retardant, but remember fire retardant does not mean fire proof.

When decorating the house:

· Make certain to use lights that are certified by an Underwriters Laboratory.

· Always unplug any electrical decorations before leaving your house or retiring for the night.

· Do not overload outlets or extension cords.

· Never run extension cords under carpet, rugs or mats.

· Do not let children play with candles, electrical decorations or matches.

While cooking the holiday feast:

· Keep children out of the kitchen (scald burns are a major cause of death to children under the age of two).

· Wear tight-fitting sleeves to prevent them from dangling into a flame or hot burner.

· Never add water to a dish containing hot oil.

· Keep paper towels, pot holders, etc. away from stove top.

· If you have a stove fire, calmly turn the burner off and cover the pan with a lid.

Also remember to check your smoke detectors to make sure that they are functioning correctly. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season from the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation. For more detailed holiday safety information, contact the Burn Foundation office at 1-800-273-2876 or visit the web site

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