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Wednesday, December 16, 1998
New Hope voting on
Starr's Mill facility plans

New Hope Baptist Church is voting this week on proposed facility plans for its new South Campus at Starr's Mill.

The plans were displayed for viewing by members last week, and tonight there will be a question-and-answer session "bathed in prayer" concerning the facilities. Sunday morning there is a scheduled vote to affirm plans and proceed with stewardship emphasis.

The new, 35,500-square-foot building will be on New Hope's 64 acres across Ga. Highway 74 from Starr's Mill, and will seat 1,000 for worship. The style is neither traditional nor contemporary, but looks more like a conference center, and is designed to fit well with the surrounding community. Master plans are for the initial building to be converted to educational and banquet space once a permanent sanctuary is completed. There are also plans for ball fields, a pond and an amphitheater at the site. The current church building will be used for youth activities.

New Hope Baptist Church, with a current membership of over 5,000, expanded to its south campus location in September of 1997. The Starr's Mill congregation has averaged a 47 percent growth, and now 350-400 meet in the new Starr's Mill High School auditorium. Projected attendance at the south campus by the end of 1999 will be 550.

For information about either New Hope location, call the church at 770-461-4337.

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