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Wednesday, December 16, 1998
PTC Council targets treetop antennas Thursday

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Treetop antennas, cleanup rezonings and fencing out the lights and noise from a convenience store are on tap for the Peachtree City Council Thursday at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The council will consider "an ordinance to prohibit structures in trees," the agenda states. City planners have explained that the ordinance would primarily seek to ban television reception antennas clipped to treetops, but treehouses and other things nailed into trees may be affected also.

About 10 homeowners in the Fairfield subdivision have met with city officials to seek fences higher than four feet along their rear property lines. One has sought a variance to build a six-foot fence, while another has built such a fence without permission and another was required to cut a fence down to four feet after it was built.

The residents are looking for relief from the traffic created by a convenience store at Ga. Highway 74 and Wisdom Road.

Three properties of less than three acres have been recommended for rezoning to commercial and light industrial uses to conform with surrounding properties. Two are located on Huddleston Drive, while the third, on Hwy. 74 north, is a former residential site now surrounded by business uses. The .7-acre tract is proposed for rezoning for a Sherwin-Williams Paint Store.

Other agenda items include a discussion on assisted living facilities and a franchise agreement with Newnan Utilities.

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