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Wednesday, December 16, 1998
Dining Guide

Publix deli and bakery
offers impressive selection


Special Sections Editor

Judging by the lines forming near the deli in the Publix grocery store everyday at lunchtime, the secret is out. The deli makes among the best and freshest sub sandwiches around and at a better price.

Deep red tomato slices, eye-burning onions and peppers, lettuce, pickles, and olives are all piled on your choice of meat and cheeses. Everything from provolone to Muenster cheese, to sliced chicken breast and roast beef, are sliced before your eyes ensuring both quality and freshness.

And unlike other sub shops whose version of a hot sub sandwich is to toss it into the microwave for a few seconds, the deli will prepare real Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and succulent melts on the grill while you wait.

Of course being a grocery store has its privileges. A full array of mustards from honey to horseradish to spicy mustard are all available to accentuate your hero. Plus, any side item from Little Debbies to chips and drinks are there to grab and go.

On your choice of white or wheat bread (though the wheat disappears quickly), sandwiches are available in six-inch and foot-long portions, but a six-inch is more than enough with these.

Prices vary of course by sandwich toppings and size, but the average six-inch sub with meat and cheese ranges from $2 to $3.50 and a six-inch vegetarian with cheese is only $1.75.

Rotisserie and fried chicken along with quiche circulate their delightful aromas throughout the deli area. These are also available for take out.

While you're at the deli, pop over to the enormous bakery, where you'll see several bakers rolling out dough or decorating cakes.

The bakery has fantastic cakes that have proven to always be moist, aesthetically pleasing and delicious. The icing is rich and sweet and just like the kind you make at home, while the cake is equally as good.

Cakes can be made to order including large wedding cakes that can be delivered by the bakery.

Cookies, eclairs, pies, muffins, cheesecakes, and cinnamon rolls are among some of the choices always ready to pick up for a last minute brunch or luncheon.

For more information about any of these items or for low-fat varieties, call the Fayetteville Publix location at the Pavilion at 770-460-4100.

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