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Sunday, November 29, 1998
Vote for Jesus Christ

Religion Columnist

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This article may seem a little odd and even presumptuous but with the right response I believe that it could assist in making a bold statement. I recently received the following e-mail from a friend that I want to pass on to you. It is basically self-explanatory. It reads: "Please vote for Jesus Christ as Time Magazine's Man of the Century. Time Magazine is running an on-line poll where normal people like you and me get to choose who we think is the Man of the Century - the most influential figure in our time. Who else should win, but Jesus Christ! Let's show them who's still The King of this world!

Go to: and type "Jesus Christ." Forward this to as many people as you can. Don't delete it! And please type exactly "Jesus Christ" Capital J, Capital C, the rest lowercase. This is to keep the percentage of votes under one "Jesus," so as not to throw things off!!

Right now, Jesus is ahead of the pack carrying almost 42 percent of the vote. Who should be surprised? Let's let the World know who is still in control."

The events of the 20th Century have been shaped by many individuals, some great and some not so great; some creative and some destructive; some good and some bad. It is interesting to note that Winston Churchill was Time Magazine's "Man of the Half-Century" (published January 2, 1950) and at this time in the computer poll for the "Man of the Century" Adolf Hitler is in second place behind Jesus Christ. That illustrates the diverse individuals the world has been touch by the century. Of all the things that have been done, no one has had the impact on individuals and society like Jesus Christ.

It is for this reason that we should take the opportunity to recognize and honor Him. If you have a computer with a connection to the Internet, vote for Jesus Christ today.

(The Rev. Chuck Griffith is the pastor of Fayette Assembly of God in Fayetteville.)

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