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Friday, November 27, 1998
Playoff loss to Bears spells end for Indians

Sports Editor

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From the way the game began, it appeared the East Coweta Indians were going to cruise last Friday night. Dantra Clements threw a 54 yard touchdown pass to Henry Kendall in the first 40 seconds of the game and everything looked the same as it had all season. Houston Countysilenced the crowd when they ran back the kickoff 70 yards to the five yard line and scored 40 seconds later.

East Coweta settled down and put together an impressive scoring drive, capped off by a three yard touchdown run by Marvin Smith.The Indians had to settle for an Ashley Martin field goal and a 17-6 lead on their next drive though. Houston County scored before the half but did not convert the two point conversion. The Indians lead was comfortable at 17-12. East Coweta scored twice more in the second half and had a 32 -19 lead.It was not enough though. Houston County scored two unanswered touchdowns in the fourth quarter and won by a score of 33-32.

Though the loss is disappointing, the Indians had a terrific season and lost to a good team in an exciting game. Several key players will graduate this Spring but East Coweta will return and compete.

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