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Friday, November 27, 1998
PTC's worst corner? 54-74

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Surprise, surprise - the intersection of Ga. Highways 54 and 74 in Peachtree City takes the prize for the most traffic accidents so far in 1998.

According to reports compiled by the Peachtree City Police, the "top five" locations by accident numbers through October are the 74-54 intersection, 38 accidents; Hwy. 54 and Walt Banks Road, 30; Hwy. 54 and Peachtree Parkway, 30; Hwy. 54 and Huddleston Drive, 16, and Hwy. 74 and Crosstown Drive, 15.

However, the Hwy. 54-Walt Banks Rd. location and Hwy. 54-Peachtree Parkway tied the leader in October, with all three intersections recording five accidents. Also during that month, three accidents happened at Hwy. 74 and Kelly Drive, and two at Hwy. 74 and Cooper Circle.

Total traffic accidents so far in 1998 are down slightly, 715 this year and 738 in 1997. This year, the top months for traffic accidents were March, 84; January, 80, and August and October with 79 each.

Other statistics in the report show that Peachtree City's overall crime rate is down from the same time period in 1997, but property crimes increased from 59 to 86. "Person crimes" went from 30 to 39, and slightly more violations of city ordinances were recorded - 382 this year, 378 last year. The average response time for officers is better this year, 3.56 minutes compared to 3.77 minutes last year.

The city has been murder-free this year and recorded only one rape, in July. Aggravated assaults went down from seven to six; auto theft, down from 36 to 24; thefts down from 340 to 248; and burglaries down from 23 to 22. Overall, "Part I crimes" were down from 413 to 303.

Total citations issued increased in 1998, with 7211 issued so far (4651 last year). Warnings went up from 3139 to 4188. Alcohol and drug arrests also are down this year, with 142 arrests last year and 138 this year for DUI. Underage DUI arrests, however, went from 18 in 1997 to 20 this year. Last year the police made 119 cases for "other underage alcohol arrests," and this year that category was 58.


Peachtree City police arrested Anthony W. Head, 30, of Dallas, Ga., through stepped-up surveillance for a "peeping Tom" at Balmoral Village Apartments.

Reports show that Head was walking around behind the apartments when he was confronted by a surveillance officer. The officer reported that Head "admitted to the past incidents," which had taken place over the last several months. Head stated, the report said, "that he had peered into windows during his breaks from work."

Head was taken to Fayette County Jail, where he was released on $11,200 bond. Police also charged Janie L. Davis, 34, of Peachtree City, with driving under the influence and failure to maintain lane after an incident Nov. 19 in the Peachtree Parkway school zone for Booth Middle. A traffic officer enforcing school zone speed limits saw the vehicle leave the roadway and almost lose control, subsequently making the arrest, reports show.

Davis' breath test registered .366, almost four times the legal limit under Georgia Law, reports stated. She was released to a family member because of the high level of intoxication, according to the report, but transported to Fayette County Jail the next day.

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