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Friday, November 6, 1998
Wells, Dunn seek co. rezoning halt until new board convenes in Jan.

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Fayette commissioners-elect Linda Wells and Greg Dunn are wasting no time getting involved in county business.

Dunn and Wells have written to sitting commissioners to ask that they table a rash of last-minute rezoning requests until January so that the new Board of Commissioners can make those decisions.

Robert Sprayberry, board chairman and one of two retiring board members, said that's out of the question.

"That's not a prudent way to do business," said Sprayberry. "People have a right to file for zoning and have a hearing. I'm not going to shirk my job or my responsibilities."

"I don't think there's anything wrong with waiting a month to have to board in place that will have to live with these decisions," said Dunn.

Wells said voters sent a message that they don't like how zoning decisions are going on the current commission. "They were very concerned with the direction the county was going, so we're saying let's don't do a bunch of requests at the last minute," Wells said.

Both commissioners-elect hastened to add that they're not accusing anyone of anything wrong. "We're not accusing [current commissioners] of trying to pull a Cherokee County," said Dunn, referring to a raft of unpopular rezoning requests approved by that county's lame duck commission recently.

But Dunn said there are quite a few requests on the commission's plate, and "we're just asking them to postpone the vote."

The Fayette County Planning Commission considered 19 agenda items during its monthly meeting last night, and nine of them are rezoning requests that will go before the Board of Commissioners Dec. 10.

Three are requests for towers , which the commission will consider Nov. 12.

Wells said she is particularly concerned about a request for a convenience store across from Starr's Mill, and a 12-acre residential rezoning at Padgett Town Road and Lone Oak Drive.

Commissioners dealt with a similar Starr's Mill request when she was on the board several years ago, Wells said, turning the petition down twice. The Padgett Town Road request is for a subdivision in an area surrounded by A-R (agricultural-residential) zoning, she said.

"I'm not saying how I would vote on these, because I would never do that without having all the facts," she said. "But I would like to look at the whole situation before something is done."

In their letter, Dunn and Wells said they are looking for cooperation. "It is hoped that this request will be considered in the spirit in which it is presented, i.e., one of cooperation between our current and incoming board of commissioners," says the letter.

"We believe that to do otherwise would be contrary to the apparent desires of our citizens," it continues.

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