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Wednesday, September 16, 1998
'Smoke-free' signs to remain optional for F'ville businesses

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Fayetteville City Council Monday enacted a smoking resolution, but the council's decision is not binding on local businesses.

In response to a request from CARING (Coalition Advocating Responsible Indoor Nonsmoking Generations), the council stopped short of enacting a law similar to those passed by Fayette County and Peachtree City requiring that businesses post signs informing patrons whether they allow smoking in designated areas, anywhere, or not at all.

Fayetteville's resolution encourages businesses to put up the warning signs, but does not require them.

In other business from Monday's meeting, 10 city streets will get priority for fresh paving in the coming year under the state Local Assistance Road Program.

Named to the council's priority list were Habersham Drive, Winona Drive, Running Bear Trail, White Dove Lane, Georgia Avenue west, Georgia Avenue east from Highway 85 to Jeff Davis Road, LaFayette Avenue, Brenda Drive, Claire Drive and Oak Street.

Council also approved a sign variance so the Morrison's restaurant on Ga. Highway 85 can become a Picadilly cafeteria.

The variance allows a roof sign, so Picadilly can simply replace the Morrison's sign with its own.

The Fina Mart on Hwy. 85 will go a month without beer and wine revenue. The police department reported that the convenience store's alcohol license has been suspended for selling to a minor.

Three proposed ordinance changes will get final action Oct. 5. Council conducted first reading of the new ordinances Monday:

A new conflict of interest ordinance. Following complaints of an alleged conflict of interest on the Planning Commission, the new law clarifies the city's position. Members of the city council will not be allowed to vote if they or anyone in their families has any financial interest in a zoning matter.

A zoning applicant recently complained that a Planning Commission member had a conflict because he lived in an adjoining neighborhood, but that situation would not have been a conflict either under existing laws or the proposed new ordinance.

A renewed franchise agreement with Atlanta Gas Light Company.

A prohibition of truck traffic on Beauregard Boulevard and Grady Avenue. Trucks often use Grady to cut between Hwy. 85 and Ga. Highway 54, said a spokesman. The ordinance would prohibit trucks on Grady and on the portion of Beauregard between Ramah Road and Hwy. 85.

Fayetteville City Council will have a special called meeting Thursday, Sept. 24 at 6 p.m. to set the city's property tax rate for fiscal year 1999.

Council also will have first reading of a new ordinance governing the use of tents and canopies in the city. Second reading and action on the ordinance will be during the council's regular meeting Oct. 5, 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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