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Wednesday, August 26, 1998
Thanks for math controversy coverage

Letters from Our Readers

I am one of the concerned parents for the math curriculum. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the support you have shown in your paper towards our cause.

I have collected approximately 120 signatures from citizens of Fayette County and have heard many stories of dissatisfaction with our math curriculum.

It sometimes is beyond belief that our educational administration is so unresponsive to the many concerns of parents about the curriculum and the quality of education their children are receiving.

Thank you so much for giving a forum for people to express their opinions.

Just thought that you would like to know that I have always enjoyed your paper and it is my favorite paper of the three that I receive weekly. Believe it or not, I am one of the few who do read their paper, appreciate it being delivered to my driveway, enjoy the information that I receive from it, and am saddened when it gets wet from rain. I hope you have a good day.

Elaine White Kilgore

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