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Wednesday, August 26, 1998
The new judge says thanks; will be visiting area classrooms

Letters from Our Readers

I thank God, and 10,309 voters in Fayette, Spalding, Pike and Upson counties for the sacred trust that I am best able to provide for the safety and security of the law-abiding citizens of our circuit, and to fairly administer justice in civil matters.

A giant thank you to my family, loyal supporters and campaign volunteers, whose love, faith, prayers, intense loyalty, commitment to highest standards, and supreme efforts, overcame all.

I would especially like to thank my family, including my wife Jennifer and my daughters Meredith and Grace, and my parents, George I. Edwards and Bernadine M. Edwards, for overwhelming love and unfailing support.

[I was] the youngest candidate for judge [and] many children and teenagers saw my campaign's anti-crime theme as a message of great hope.

I would like to thank the thousands of children who saw me campaigning hard and urged their parents to vote for me. I want their parents to know that, as promised, I will be in the schools beginning this fall, before I take office, to warn our schoolchildren that disobedience to parents, teachers, and eternal moral principles leads to crime and opens the door to jail and lost lives.

I will be exploring new, fresh ideas both to prevent criminals from entering our communities, and to prevent our children from going wrong.

I solicit invitations to speak with, or attend, churches, clubs, groups, and homeowners association meetings.

As a believer, I encourage every church member to move boldly and speak boldly against lawlessness and crime in our communities, to save many children from living lost lives as teenagers and adults.

I am eagerly looking forward to being part of the team of judges generally regarded throughout Georgia as second to none: soon-to-be Senior Judge Andrew J Whalen, Jr., soon-to-be Chief Judge Ben J. Miller, Judge Paschal A. English, Jr., and Judge Johnnie L. Caldwell, Jr.

I am grateful for the hearty welcome to the bench each judge has extended to me. I also thank my four friends, Crisp Flynt, David Fowler, Michelle Lundy, and Doug Warner, and their families and supporters, for their graciousness, congratulations, and encouragement. I will be grateful for the prayers, advice, and support of Crisp, David, Michelle, and Doug, their families, and their friends.

Most important, I ask for the prayers of everyone in Fayette, Spalding, Pike, and Upson counties that I always walk humbly and obediently in the presence of God.

Chris Edwards
Superior Court
Griffin Judicial Circuit

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