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Wednesday, August 26, 1998
Fayetteville Council to Valvoline: Sorry, but try across the street

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A Valvoline oil change business and Meineke Muffler shop wouldn't be compatible neighbors for residents of McIntosh Commons, just off Ga. Highway 314 behind Harris Stone Cleaners, the Fayetteville City Council decided last week.

Council members voted 2-1, with Glenn Brewer opposed, to deny an appeal from Group VI Corp. for a special exception to allow the facility in a C-3 (commercial) zone.

The city Planning Commission earlier denied the request, and Group VI appealed that decision to the City Council.

Bill Tally, chairman of the Planning Commission, is a resident of McIntosh Commons. He said homeowners in the neighborhood opposed the Group VI plan, even though the area is already occupied by several businesses.

The city's plan for businesses along the west side of Hwy. 314 is for light uses that would be compatible with the neighborhood, Tally said. Harris Stone Cleaners and Kids R Kids day care center occupy lots next to the Valvoline site. State Farm Insurance has an office behind Harris Stone, also next to the subdivision.

"We don't feel that a repair and maintenance facility is in keeping with that character," Tally told council during its work session last week.

Realtor Lane Brown, representing Group VI, said the companies would promise to have no outside storage, and no overnight parking of vehicles outside, but council members said the project is still not right for the site.

"A better location might be across the highway on the east side of 314," said Councilman Larry Dell. Brewer disagreed. "To me it's a simple retail business... not a high-impact repair place," he said.

But Councilman Al Hovey-King said the business wouldn't fit in. "It's a real tough issue. This is one of the nicer architectural presentations we've seen for such a business," he said.

In other business, owners of City Cafe in Fayetteville will have to wait until mid-September to find out whether City Council will give them a rebate on water and sewer fees.

The city recently passed an ordinance giving "quality restaurants" that locate in the historic central business district an 80 percent exemption from the fees. But Jorg and Doreen Schatte had already begun construction on their restaurant across the street from City Hall when the ordinance was passed.

Three weeks ago, council directed city attorney David Winkle to draft an amendment to the ordinance that would allow them to extend the exemption to City Cafe, and conducted first reading of that amendment last week. Second reading and a vote will be conducted at the next meeting, Sept. 14.

The council normally would meet the first Monday, Sept. 7, but that meeting has been cancelled because it falls on Labor Day.

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