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Wednesday, August 26, 1998
The race is on

Democratic candidates no longer waiting in the wings; begin working toward Nov. 3

Staff Writer

Until now, the 1998 election talk in Fayette County has all been about Republicans.

Now that the General Primary is out of the way, the Democrats in the race, who have been waiting in the wings, are making their entrance. Their candidacy has been quiet so far, because there was no opposition within the party.

Five Democrats will offer as candidates in the local General Election Nov. 3:

Carolyn K. Fludd is running for Post 5 on the Fayette County Board of Education, facing Mickey Littlefield, who had no opposition for the Republican nomination.

Roger B. Marietta is offering for Post 4 on the school board, facing Greg Powers, who defeated incumbent Dr. Bob Todd for the GOP nomination.

Greg Hecht faces Republican Bill Bonner for state Senate District 34. Bonner won the Republican nomination in a field of four candidates.

Bruce L. Bannister will take on Linda Wells, who emerged from a field of three to win the GOP nomination in County Commission Post 4.

Stuart F. Barnes is seeking County Commission Post 5. Greg Dunn won the Republican nomination in a field of three.

Here's a little information about the Democrats.

Carolyn Fludd

Fludd is a four-year resident of Fayette, a local businesswoman, and leads the parent organization at North Fayette Elementary School. She is a member of the Fayette PTA/PTO Presidents Council, and says her perspective as a parent volunteer has helped her develop insight and ideas "to build bridges for the county's future growth."

"As parents, those concerns that we have for our very own children are the same ones that I will be entrusted with while serving as the children's representative on the Board of Education," she said. "I feel honored running because so many parents asked me to do so," she added. "They know that I have a genuine interest in the children and the parents felt that I knew and understood their needs too."

Fludd was born in Chester, Pa., and holds a BS degree in business from Hampton University, Hampton, Va.

Roger Marietta

Marietta is an associate professor at Darton College, a two-year college in the University System of Georgia, and has 15 years of teaching experience.

He also works as a real estate agent for Pacesetter Realty in Fayetteville.

A resident of Fayetteville, he previously served as the city's mayor.

In 1997-98, he was named to "Who's Who Among American Community College Teachers" and was selected for the 1998 NISOD Award of Excellence. He also was nominated for Darton's Teacher of the Year award.

Marietta said he will emphasize three points in his campaign: "open meetings, fair hearings for all, and making students count."

Greg Hecht

Hecht is currently a member of the state House of Representatives and said he has authored safe schools legislation, laws to protect children from abuse, ethics legislation, laws to reduce voter fraud and laws to protect senior citizens' property interests; sponsored laws to protect the Hope Scholarship and sponsored tough DUI legislation, and has carried legislation for other interested parties, strengthening the state's crime laboratory, strengthening sexual predator registration requirements, and decreasing frivolous lawsuits and defenses.

A native Georgian, Hecht is a graduate of the University of Georgia Law School and was an assistant district attorney for Clayton County and ad hoc prosecutor for the city of Fayetteville.

He owns a law practice, Fincher and Hecht LLC, is a leader in Boy scouts and is involved in Habitat for Humanity, Kiwanis, the Alzheimers Support Group, Partners in Education and the First United Methodist Church.

Bruce Bannister

A former city councilman (eight years) and mayor (four years) in East Point, Ga., Bannister said he believes in conservative spending, holding the line on taxes, controlling growth with a well-thought-out land use plan, protecting property rights, and the citizens' right to speak out at commission meetings.

"I want to get rid of government against the people and bring back government for the people," said Bannister.

He also proposes a fine of $4,000 for any commissioner who votes on a rezoning petition in which he or she has a financial interest, "either through an undisclosed business relationship or a personal friendship," he said. And he would reduce commissioners' salaries by $3,000. "These dollars saved could be better spent on projects to benefit senior citizens and youth activities," he said.

Bannister received the Atlanta Journal/Constitution South Fulton Extra Community Service Award in 1984, and was appointed by Gov. Jimmy Carter to the advisory council for the Georgia Crime Information Center.

An Army veteran, he is a resident of Tyrone.

Suart Barnes

A resident of Fayetteville and owner of The Book Worm on Ga. Highway 85, Barnes worked for Eastern Airlines for 21 years after serving in the U.S. Navy.

Saying he prefers to run "an old-fashioned, grass roots campaign," Barnes has vowed to accept no campaign contributions, "to preclude any conflict of interest and to insure that when elected [my] only allegiance will be to the people of our county and what is in the best interest both now and in the future for Fayette County."

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