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Friday, August 21, 1998
County upgrades to latest emergency technology

If you've called 911 in Coweta County since last Friday, your call has been processed by the latest technology. The Centralink 911 System by Motorola was installed last week after it was approved by the county commission last year.

The installation of the $142,000 system was completed in early August and Motorola trained employees in its use last week.

The transition took only minutes and was described by 911 Director Eddie Ball as flawless.

"We have not experienced any significant problems other than minor programming changes in the software," Ball said.

The new system brings Coweta County 911 up to date in technology and insures that the county will be able to keep up with the new technology as it becomes available, he added.

Installation was accomplished by Metropolitan Communications of Carrollton with system programming and optimization by representatives of Motorola. Change over of telephone circuits was done by representatives of BellSouth.

"It was a team effort and it went extremely well," Ball said.

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