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Wednesday, August 19, 1998
What's cool for back to school?

Staff Writer

(NAPS)A lime green T-shirt under a denim jumper. Boarding shorts and cargo pants. Canvas tennis shoes. Inflatable furniture and lanyards.

This season's sensational school looks include colors fresh from a citrus grove, a variety of denim, and such novel accessories as scented nail polish. So what's a parent to do to help their kids start the school year off in style?

Here are some tips on smart school shopping from Prime Retail, owner of 50 upscale outlet centers across the United States:

· Before you go, establish a realistic budget with an amount designated for nonessentials.

· Involve your children in the process. Help them go through the closet and determine what's needed.

· Shop on a full stomach and when you're well-rested.

· Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Have your child wear socks if buying shoes.

· Plan a whole day. Although an outlet center may be 30 miles out of town, the savings found there may make it well worth the trip.

· Make a list and bring it with you.

For more information on back-to-school promotions at Prime Retail shopping outlets, visit

For more information about a Prime Retail Outlet Center near you, or for a voucher to receive a free coupon book, call 1-800-980-SHOP.

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