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Wednesday, August 19, 1998
BOE short-sighted to refuse cart path help

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Reference the Friday, July 31, Peachtree Citizen Review:

It struck me as more than just a little bit irony that on the same day that The Peachtree Citizen Review ran a front-page article on "Fayette's 'bad' ozone woes likely to affect our lifestyle," there was also the front-page article "PTC to build path outside city School board, county say, 'No thanks,' to paying costs."

It seems to me to be very shortsighted on the part of Fayette County and the School Board to deny the request for a cart path into the Starrs Mill School Complex, and in denying the request, implying that they would be extending special favors to a specific group, namely Peachtree City residents.

If, in fact, Fayette County is one of the major ozone polluters in the Atlanta metro area, what better way is there to help reduce pollution than to get some cars off the road, which I believe the path would surely accomplish?

The path extending from Peachtree City to the entrance of the school that Peachtree City has funded will surely help, but a continuation of the path into the complex, with cart parking, would more than likely encourage the use of carts to a much greater extent because of the obvious safety concerns.

I believe many Peachtree City parents would use carts to make parent-teacher visits and to attend events at the school complex.

Fayette County and Fayette County School Board, think about it - approving and funding an extension of the cart path into the Starrs Mill School complex would be spending money for the right reasons - improving safety, reducing traffic, reducing pollution, and an opportunity to serve/meet the needs for up to 75 percent of the schools' population. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Note: I am a Peachtree City resident but not a parent of school-age children and as a relatively new (three months) resident, not a cart owner, yet.

Dale E. Hollrah
Peachtree City

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