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Wednesday, August 19, 1998
F'ville restaurant request is tabled again

Staff Writer

Owners of City Cafe in Fayetteville will have to wait until mid-September to find out whether City Council will give them a rebate on water and sewer fees.

The city recently passed an ordinance giving "quality restaurants" that locate in the historic central business district an 80 percent exemption from the fees. But Jorg and Doreen Schatte had already begun construction on their restaurant across the street from City Hall when the ordinance was passed.

Two weeks ago, council directed city attorney David Winkle to draft an amendment to the ordinance that would allow them to extend the exemption to City Cafe, and conducted first reading of that amendment Monday night. Second reading and a vote will be conducted at the next meeting, Sept. 14.

The council normally would meet the first Monday, Sept. 7, but that meeting has been cancelled because it falls on Labor Day.

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