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Wednesday, August 19, 1998
Tiger Trail, Booth bus access will be ready, BOE says

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Yes, Booth Middle School's bus loop will be accessible and yes, Tiger Trail leading to Fayette County High School will be paved for school Monday, Dr. Dave Brotherton assured worried parents and administrators Monday night.

"We will start the process of curbing and guttering Tuesday," Brotherton said. "We'll put the base and asphalt back in place, and buses will go in the current entrance. It will be repaved and ready for use next week," explained Mike Satterfield, facility services director. "It will improve the parking situation and bus management."

Tiger trail represents a "special challenge" as it is owned by the board of education. Satterfield said he expected paving to begin Tuesday. The school board paid for the material, approximately $50,000 and the county is providing the labor and equipment. Without an arrangement with the county, Satterfield said the project would have cost in the $200,000 range.

Students of Peeples Elementary are still scheduled to move into their new school in two-and-a-half to three weeks, according to officials. Peeples Principal Sandra Watson said their temporary quarters at the Lafayette Center, formerly the old Fayette County High School, are "cleaned, scrubbed and waxed," and teachers have been busy setting up their classrooms.

Board vice-chair Debbie Condon commented on the "full list" of projects undertaken by the education department during the summer, a total of 38 which are either complete or nearing completion. "You can see how busy folks have been this summer," she said.

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