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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Fayette Heritage Project Donates Yates Apple Tree

The Fayette Heritage Project donated two Yates Apple Trees and two brick markers to Fayette County and to each of the five municipalities to plant in places of prominence. The Fayette Heritage Project was formed in 1995 and its mission is to promote the heritage of Fayette County. The placing of these trees and markers in public spaces will increase the awareness of Fayette County’s heritage.

The Yates Apple Tree was developed in Fayette County by Matthew Yates in 1844. According to the “History of Fayette County” published in 1977 by the Fayette County Historical Society, Matthew Yates lived in the historic community of Sandy Creek which was located in the northwestern portion of Fayette County between the town of Tyrone and the historic Fife /Bethany Community. It is further stated that at one time many hundreds of acres in that part of Fayette County were covered in Yates Apple Trees.

The Yates Apple Trees were purchased at Andy’s Nursery at 1120 S.R. 85 South. The tree produces a small tart apple which is suitable for making jellies. The Fayette Heritage Project would encourage citizens to plant a piece of history in their yards to preserve the heritage of Fayette County.

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