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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Three announce campaign intentions


Although qualifying doesn’t start until next week, several candidates are already announcing their intentions.

One of the more intriguing races could be the County Commission race between Herb Frady and possible candidate Dan Tennant. Tennant served one term as a Peachtree City Councilman, and this week said he will probably qualify against Frady.

“ A number of people have urged me to consider running for either the new House seat or one of the Fayette County Commission seats this fall. After a lot of consideration and soul searching, I will in all likelihood throw my hat in the ring for County Commission seat currently held by Herb Frady,” Tennant said in an e-mail this week.

Tennant cited his experience on the Peachtree City Council.

“I think my experience as a four-year elected official in Fayette County can serve me well on the county level, and I believe I offer the dedication and conviction for good government to serve the county’s citizens well. I have a good working relationship with Chairman Dunn and the current commission, our state representatives, many officials in the county’s five cities, and Congressman Mac Collins. And working together with other governments is vital for Fayette County’s growth and success,” he said.

But Tennant did issue a caveat.

“To be candid, however, I will run only if I am reasonably assured that my ex-wife will not resort to the personal smear tactics she engaged in during my recent city council race,” he wrote. “What does not go with the territory is watching your children’s hearts be broken by having their mother plaster her home and car with their Dad’s opponent’s signs, watching her distribute opponent flyers during the kid’s baseball games, watching her distribute my sister’s rap sheet (she’s a convicted felon) throughout my neighborhood, and being the victim of a vicious and libelous e-mail campaign two days before the election,” Tennant wrote.

In other announcenments, Commissioner Peter Pfeifer has decided to run for reelection.

“I believe that I have been ‘fair and balanced,’ to coin a phrase, and that I have listened to all sides to make reasoned decisions and have remained true to my conservative values.I have supported principles and made decisions that I believe help to preserve the county you love, improve your safety and to advance the ability of your government to function efficiently and effectively,” Pfeifer said.

One issue still concerns Pfeifer.

I’m much more concerned now with a judiciary that seems to have swerved way out of control. I pray that this next election can have an impact on that situation as well,” he said.

Another familiar face is throwing his hat back in the political fray. Former County Commissioner and state legislator Dan lakly announced his intentions this week.

“The taxpayers of Fayette County deserve a strong and experienced voice in the Georgia House of Representatives. After thorough discussions with my family, encouragement from former colleagues and input from my long time supporters, I have decided to offer for the newly created Georgia House District 72,” Lakly said.

Lakly cited his experience and conservative values as reasons for being sent back to Atlanta.

“I will be working very hard to meet every citizen of the new district before the Primary in July. We will have a Web page up and running shortly╩to outline my positions and seek input from taxpayers,” he said.


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