Friday, March 26, 2004

Scouts tour Gallopade

Peachtree City Girl Scout Troop #146 recently toured Gallopade International, a publishing company in their own backyard.

The girls learned about all of the jobs at Gallopade and the seeds for future careers as writer, webmaster, publicist, graphic artist, sales rep, manager, president or CEO or more may have been planted. The girls toured the office, production area and warehouse, joined the Carole Marsh Mysteries Fan Club, learned about customers, windows of opportunity, teamwork, creativity, and more as they earned the “Careers” Try-It badge.

They also met author and CEO Carole Marsh who gave the girls a business card with her number on it, if they ever wanted to talk about business or publishing. The girls also received bookmarks with their pictures on it, which illustrated how quickly the Gallopade team can work, and copies of Carole Marsh’s “How to Write Your Own Real Kids, Real Places Mystery.”

Many of the girls were already working on their stories as they left the office.

To learn more about Gallopade International, visit

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