Friday, March 26, 2004

Senoia sets alcohol vote


Residents in rapidly-growing Senoia will have a chance this fall to decide whether they want liquor by the drink served in their restaurants. They will also get to vote on whether package stores should be located in the town.

The surprising developments came at the end of Monday night’s City Council meeting. Councilman Robert Belisle pointed out the recent vote to allow liquor by the drink in the unincorporated county.

“It’s strictly a tax revenue thing,” he said.

He also said the residents needed to have the chance to allow package stores in the community.

“We just need to take care of this all at one time,” he said.

Belisle did say the issues needed to be two different questions, so they could vote separately on each question.

The liquor by the drink issue has been addressed by several governments in the south metro area during the last year. In Fayette County, Tyrone approved liquor by the drink last fall, while Fayette voters will decide in July whether liquor should be served at restaurants in the unincorporated county.

Coweta County residents approved liquor by the drink in the unincorporated county in March, but voted it down by one vote in Sharpsburg.

However, the Sharpsburg election was contested and a Superior Court judge turned over the results of the election because residents who don’t live in Sharpsburg voted in the election. The new election will be held in July.

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