Friday, February 13, 2004

Matte Magic donates LifeBook supplies to foster children

Those outside of the foster care system, and even some foster parents themselves take for granted the importance of LifeBooks to children within the foster care system. These books are very much like the scrapbooks that many parents are keeping for their children.

Scrapbooks, in general, are meant to give a sense of history and heritage and to capture childhood memories long forgotten. LifeBooks serve an even greater purpose. They are designed to give children without knowledge of their past and their families a documented way for them to look back and remember where they have been and who they have been with.

This is sometimes the only way they are able to maintain a sense of themselves and

unfortunately, sometimes it is the only way for them to have access to any photographs from their childhood.

One of the owners of Matte Magic Scrapbooks, was a foster parent for several years and adopted three children out of foster care.

This is actually how she got started scrapbooking, with her simple attempts at LifeBooks. So, Rebecca Miller, is very aware of the importance of these books to the children in foster care. She and her mother were also very aware that few foster parents know how to begin these books. Often the cost of supplies can be prohibitive.

So when they opened their doors in May of 2002, they vowed to try to think of

a way to help.

Due to November being National Adoption month, Matte Magic developed a donation

incentive program for its patrons.

Because the program was a huge success last year, Matte Magic decided to promote this worthy cause again.

In November, patrons were given tickets for every item or 25 cents they donated to the cause. At the end of the month a drawing was held for a $50 scrapbook album.

Not only was a large box of materials collected, but enough money was collected to purchase several albums for donation. Then to top it off, the patron who won the album in the drawing, Carolyn Lipham, donated that to the foster children also.

Matte Magic’s patrons generosity extended through the holiday months and so they

delayed turning over their donations to DFACs until the middle of January. James Diggs, the foster care resource development person at Coweta County DFACS came to pick up the donations from Rebecca Miller and Rose Carter, the owners of Matte Magic. This year was a great success due to the communities generous and kind spirit.

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