Friday, February 13, 2004

School supt. gets contract extension


Coweta County’s school system will have Dr. Peggy Connell as its superintendent for at least the next three years.

During Tuesday’s board meeting, the board unanimously approved extending Connell’s contract through 2007. The contract was slated to expire in 2006, but public information officer Dean Jackson said the board was quite pleased with the superintendent’s job.

Jackson said Connell’s salary will remain at $148,000 for the term of the contract

The board also voted to appoint Carole Criswell as the first Principal of the new Grantville Elementary School. Criswell is assistant principal of Newnan Crossing Elementary School.

Grantville Elementary School opens next year, and Tuesday’s appointment of Criswell followed the adoption of a new Grantville school district, which was recommended by this year’s parent redistricting committee.

Jackson said this year’s redistricting went far smoother than in year’s past, and he said the parents committee played a big part in smoothing the process.

The parent’s committee was composed of two parents each from Moreland, Eastside, Poplar Road, Newnan Crossing and Jefferson Parkway Elementary Schools.

The committee was convened by Superintendent Peggy Connell last October to plan for the opening of Grantville Elementary School and the redrawing of district lines required by the opening of the new school.

The biggest number of students will come from the Moreland Elementary school district, which is being split in half, Jackson said.

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