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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Council to vote on $56K stormwater study for east F’ville


A study of stormwater flow in the east Fayetteville basin will be in the works if the $56,000 cost is approved by the City Council Thursday night.

The study will center on areas east of Jeff Davis Drive, west of Nash Creek and north of Ga. Highway 54. The area includes the Weatherly Walk Apartments and other homes which experience flooding problems last June caused by a heavy rainstorm.

Officials want to evaluate flood elevations, specify preliminary culvert sizes to handle the 100-year design storm and recommend off stream flood control projects such as stormwater detention ponds if appropriate.

The cost of the study will come from the city’s stormwater program, which is funded by user fees collected from homes and businesses in the city. City Engineer Don Easterbrook is recommending approval of the study.

In other business, council will consider an amendment to put an expiration date of one year on special exceptions and variances. Currently, there is no time limit on either, which can cause problems for owners of adjacent properties who wish to build a use that is incompatible with the special exception.

Special exceptions are required for a business to construct a drive-through service, for example.

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