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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

‘Peachtree Pathfinder’ creator launches Web site

The Peachtree PathFinder Web site ­ ­ is now online, reports Tami Morris, publisher of the new Peachtree PathFinder Map.

The new site offers several links related to the recreational path system in Fayette County, as well as information about the new map and upcoming Peachtree PathFinder Guide Book, scheduled to be released in February.

“Residents appear to be very interested in information about the map and recreational paths,” Morris said.

Although the site is new, several hundred people already have logged on. The site went online Jan. 26.

Users have one-click access to news articles about golf cart legislation, the Peachtree City government site, actual Peachtree City ordinances, the Peachtree City Library and the City of Tyrone.

Each of these sites has the latest information pertaining to the recreational path system, including age restrictions and path rules. A link to the Peachtree Library, one of the sites where maps currently are available, offers hours of operation, directions and other important library information. There is also one-click access to local news articles about the PathFinder Map.

Of special note, Morris said, is a special page for families. “Parents who want to make sure their children are adequately prepared to drive carts on the recreational paths may find the ‘Teen Driving Checklist’ helpful. The checklist is a tool for parents who want to discuss path safety, etiquette and emergency procedures with their teens.”

There’s a special page for non-profit groups who are interested in using the PathFinder Map as a fundraiser. Another page recognizes PathFinder Scouts ­ individuals, families and organizations that contribute ideas and updates for improving the PathFinder Map.

“I’m anxious to see how people respond to this new site,” Morris said. “My goal is to have the site be a quality resource for the community.”

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