Friday, November 30, 2001

Expiration date discussed for PTC building projects


Peachtree City's rules for development could become more strict down the line, as the Planning Commission is exploring ideas such as putting a expiration date on concept plats and final plats for developments.

The commission has been discussing its mission over the past few meetings, and several commissioners have complained about developments that are approved by the city but aren't underway for some time.

One example was brought up at Monday's commission meeting. Several commissioners were chafing over the clearing of commercially zoned land at the northwest corner of Ga. Highway 54 and MacDuff Parkway.

But City Planner David Rast said that land was approved as part of a plan submitted several years ago along with other commercial properties along Hwy. 54 which proceed towards the east. As a result, the city could not feasibly penalize the developer, RAM Development, for clearing the property, Rast said.

By having time limits during which development plans could expire, it could improve the quality of development in the city, several commissioners agreed.

The commission also discussed the possibility of requiring projects to have irrigation systems for landscaped areas. Currently, the city asks developers to agree to replace any landscaping that falls prey to dry conditions within the first year of planting. The commission is also considering bumping that up to two years and possibly building that language into an ordinance.

"It would be more defensible if it is enacted or adopted as an ordinance," Rast said.


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