Friday, November 30, 2001

Brown next PTC mayor after clean sweep in runoff election; Weed chosen for council


Just over 5,000 Peachtree City residents spoke up at the polls Tuesday, electing planning activist Steve Brown as the city's next mayor and municipal attorney Murray Weed over incumbent Carol Fritz.

The staggering result of the runoff election, however, was the landslide in which Brown and Weed won. Each candidate won all 12 precincts and the absentee balloting also.

When all the votes were tabulated, Weed's total was just 43 votes shy of Brown's. Gary Rower, runner-up for mayor, garnered 1,946 votes in his bid for office, while incumbent councilwoman Carol Fritz won the nod from 1,918 voters.

Both Brown and Weed won by margins of more than 1,200 votes.

At a party celebrating victory Tuesday night, Brown said he plans to fulfill his first campaign promise almost immediately: to clean his election material off the dining room table ... a promise made to his wife some time back.

As for Anne Marie, she's used to her husband immersing himself in city business, and she figures that having the assistance of city staff will actually allow him to spend more time away from city issues.

Now that voters have spoken at the polls, the focus will be on efforts to make the transition between the outgoing elected officials Fritz and mayor Bob Lenox, who didn't run due to term limits and the newly elected mayor and councilman.

Earlier this month, incumbent Steve Rapson was elected to the council seat he currently holds after his appointment by the sitting council back in March. He defeated the only candidate opposing him in the election, former City Clerk Nancy Faulkner.


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