Friday, November 30, 2001

Band members attend conference

A number of students from the ECHS Marching Indians Band attended a leadership conference at Woodward Academy on September 30.

The conference was titled "attitude concepts for today".

Tim Lautsenheiser was the instructor of the three-hour class. He spoke to the students about what a leader is and how to become an effective one. One of his key points was that "leadership isn't something that you do, it is something that you are." He also pointed out that leadership is about serving others.

Robert Owens, band director at ECHS, has worked on a leadership program since the day he started at the high school. Section leaders were in class with him long before students ever touched the field. He has always strived to make sure those in charge were ready for the responsibility. All band officers and section leaders were asked to attend this conference, as well as any students who were aspiring to become future leaders. Those attending were: Mr. Robert Owens, Mary June Bishop, Daniel Lowery, Lori Jackson, Shayla Beasley, Suzette Rosario, Kristina Willis, Heather Kupfer, Melissa Burchfield, Maggie Vaughn, Casey O'Reilly, Wes Todd, Eric Nester, Cody Allen, Adam Stewart, Zack Millians, Randall Bruce, Dusty Pap, Joseph Cardin, and Amanda Rosser.

Owens said, "It was a wonderful experience for all of us." The students got to meet other leaders from many metro Atlanta band programs. Heather Kupfer said, "Dr. Tim helped me step out of my comfort zone by making me talk to people I didn't know."

Wes Todd said, "Dr. Tim helped me realize the full potential of my leadership and how it would benefit others." Melissa Burchfield stated, "It was a wonderful experience for everyone and everyone benefited from going." Mr. Owens is always quick to point out that being a leader usually mean you do a lot of things that often go unnoticed. From picking up trash that others have left behind at practice to taking care of bathroom duty. All of these tasks are taken care of but rarely do people ever notice who has to do the dirty work.

The band will be traveling to the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida the day after Christmas to participate in the Citrus Bowl Parade as well as the Magic Lights Parade in Disney World. Mr. Owens is sure to be more comfortable knowing that he has such a great group of leaders traveling with him.

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