Friday, November 30, 2001

County, city battle over Rockaway land


It looks like another battle is brewing on Rockaway Road between Coweta County and Senoia.

The County Commission rejected an annexation request by the city for a 15-acre tract on the busy road. The city wants to bring in the tract and zone it R-40, which allows one-acre homesites.

County planner Robert Tolleson urged the commission to reject the petition because the city's zoning would allow a far higher density than the county's zoning of 1.6-acre home sites next to the property.

But Tolleson did offer a series of mitigative measures that would allow the city to annex the property.

The measures included:

Restricting the use of property to single-family residential use.

All lots along the common boundary of the city and the county would be one acre minimum, if it's served by city water and sewer. If it's served by a septic tank, it would have to be 1.6 acres.

Each home would be a minimum of 1,450 square feet

Access to the property along Rockaway Road shall provide a deceleration and acceleration lane for safety purposes.

The mitigative measures were forwarded to city officials for their comments.

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